5 Steps for Better Product Manager Mock Interviews

1. What Mock Interview Questions Are You Practicing?

Product Manager Mock Interview Question Examples

Question Tips for Product Manager Mock Interviews

2. Vet Your Product Manager Mock Interview Answers

They Include Stories and Examples

They Engage the Interviewer

3. How to Research Your Answers

4. What Makes a Good Mock Interview Partner?

  • Membership organizations dedicated to finding people jobs — career coaching programs such as ours allow candidates to practice their answers in a professional setting and get professional advice. You can schedule a free call to get a feel of whether or not joining our community makes sense for you.
  • Product Manager channels on Slack.
  • Professional Facebook groups.

5. How to Conduct a Product Manager Mock Interview Session

  • Record Yourself and Play it Back: There’s a lot you can learn about yourself just by watching a video of you doing something. It’s the reason why so many professionals use this tactic — sportsmen, musicians, actors… the list goes on. The best way to truly gauge your performance is to see it played back. This way you can listen to how you sound and understand how you are coming across, which gives you actionable items to improve on or fix.
  • Give Yourself Time to Prepare: Most people tend to do mock interviews only when they have an interview coming up, which is usually a few days or weeks to the day. To get the most out of the practice, experts recommend starting around six to eight weeks to the time you intend to start interviewing.
  • The More the Better: Don’t shy away from doing many mock interviews. Strive to do as many as possible, whether that’s 40 or 100. Remember, practice makes perfect.
  • Create Actionable Goals: Take a look at your strengths and weaknesses and past interview sessions. What do you remember and what do you want to improve on? Create your goals based on these items. Likewise, select your interview partner through relevant criteria.
  • Time Your Session: Keeping the timer on helps you practice keeping your answers as concise as possible, stay on track, and avoid wasting time.



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