Not even two decades ago, travelers had the following option when it came to lodging: hotels, motels, or staying with friends or family. Now, however, there’s another choice: Airbnb. Through this online marketplace, visitors can book accommodations in private residences, rental spaces, vacation homes, and other locations. …

Like any Product Manager, an International Product Manager must own the product from ideation, through development, to implementation and launch. The only difference? They still have a heavy focus on customer needs and technical development of the product, but on a more vast and complex scale. …

Want to turn your passion for video games into a creative career in leadership? Then this article is for you. We’re going to dive in to the gaming industry and show you how to kickstart your career as a Video Game Product Manager.

What Does a Video Game Product Manager Do?

Although the Product Manager role is varied…

Product Gym

Want to be a Product Manager? Product Gym teaches you how to act like a PM, think like a PM, talk like a PM, and most importantly, how to interview like a PM.

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