How to Land a Dream Job in Product Management, Part 2 (The Hiring Manager)

In Part 2 of this series “How to Land a Dream Job in Product Management”, we go to the other side of the table and discuss how hiring teams approach hiring Product Managers and we’ll show how to give the hiring manager what they really want

A lot of people are saying that they want to be a Product Manager and I’m very empathetic to Product Managers because I just got trashed by the whole Product team at S&P Global last night and they’re telling me I don’t know why anybody wants to be a Product Manager. I told them that there are. I asked them what turns you off because one of the girls that we help land a job she works at S&P Global right now as a mobile Product Manager, and their mobile phones app just launched last night at midnight, so they’re having a party for that and they said you know when you’re a Product Manager you spend your entire time giving other people what they want. Your developers or designers are complaining to you all the time, business side people are complaining to you all the time, you hit a revenue target, okay, can we hit twice as much and in half the time?

Give Hiring Managers what THEY want

The Most POWERFUL Question to ask

Making it About THEM

This guy basically had the final say, and I gave that as an illustration. My cofounder has been through this process. I, myself have been on the other side of this process, My Head of Product and Marketing, she has also been through this process. So, we’re not putting you guys in uncomfortable situations that my people have not been through before. I spent a lot of time I mean, my business, how it scaled up as fast as it did in less than 12 months, everything that we do here, we Product Manage the hell out of this. We have a roadmap, we have deliverables and milestones to hit. We’re very agile and we run 10 day sprints ourselves.

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