Product Gym vs Product School

Product Gym vs Product School: Program Overview

Product Gym Skills Courses

  • Technical and Software Engineering Leads
  • Product Designers, UX Designers/Researchers
  • Data Scientists
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Product Strategists

Product School Course Content

Product Gym Instructors

Product School Instructors

Product Management Course Duration

Product Management Course Material Access

Product Management Course Enrollment

Product Gym vs Product School: Case Study Support

Case Study and Interview Assignment Support

Product Gym vs Product School: Branding

Resume Revamp

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Cover Letter Revamp

Pitch Refinement

Product Gym vs Product School: Career Coaching

Career Coaches

  • Customizing an effective career-management strategy.
  • Assisting with self-assessment exercises.
  • Providing a suite of tools to research industries and job functions.
  • Developing necessary career skills (e.g., resume writing, networking).
  • Teaching interpersonal presentation strategies through mock interviews.
  • Evaluating job offers and teaching negotiation techniques.
  • Providing strategies to leverage your strengths and industry experience for you to transition into the best Product Manager role for you.

The Product Gym Lifetime Membership

On-Campus Recruiting

Member Portal and Web-Based Resources

  • Articles
  • Archive of interview questions and classes
  • Online Guides
  • Relevant Links

Product Gym vs Product School: Application Training

Scalable Application Methodology

Introduction to Technical Recruiters

Product Gym vs Product School: Interview Support

Start Interviewing Now

Interview Feedback

Office Hours

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Product Gym

Product Gym

Want to be a Product Manager? Product Gym teaches you how to act like a PM, think like a PM, talk like a PM, and most importantly, how to interview like a PM.