UX Design vs Product Design: How to Answer Product Design Questions in a PM Interview

  • Part one: The set-up — how to introduce your answer.
  • Part two: The examples — different illustrations you can give your interviewer.
  • Part three: The follow-up — how to re-engage your interviewer after providing them with examples.

What’s the Difference Between UX Design and Product Design?

Part 1: The Set-Up

Part 2: Examples

Example one:

Example two:

Part Three: The Follow-Up

What’s the Difference Between UX and Product Design? Our Response Explained

Product Designer vs UX Designer Job Posting Examples

  • Lead design projects across the entire product lifecycle and multiple product launches.
  • Set the vision for the user experience and build the space for others to collaborate.
  • Work with small multi-disciplinary teams and partner closely with engineering, product, marketing, and business stakeholders to find elegant but practical solutions to design challenges.
  • Provide design thinking and leadership to develop the right product strategy. You’ll collaborate to tackle problems and come up with solutions that delight our users.
  • Be autonomous, You’ll take full ownership of your work, and take responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way.
  • Rapidly produce multiple concepts and prototypes, and know-how and when to create and combine flows, user stories, sketches, wireframes, and deliver pixel-perfect specs.
  • Discovering insights, opportunities, and requirements.
  • Testing prototypes and hypotheses with users to collect feedback.
  • Launching experiments and evaluating how they perform and to iterate.
  • Presenting your work to peers and leadership, async and in-person.
  • Taking part in weekly design critiques, workshops, all hands, and squad meetings
  • Thinking and writing about your process and documenting your decisions.

Ace Your Product Design Interview Questions



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