“What’s Your Definition of Design Thinking?”: Product Design Questions for the PM Interview

Who Is Asking “What’s Your Definition of Design Thinking”?

What’s Your Definition of Design Thinking? : An Answer Template

Option 2:


Why This Approach?


  • Pause to think about your answer: Always answer like you’re a respectable CEO. Placing a pause after the Forgiveness Statement gives you this time, allowing you to better articulate your response, break up any monotony in your speech pattern, and mitigate any potential rambling.
  • Don’t sound too scripted or mechanical: Avoid giving your answers like a robot at all costs. Adding personality to your answer makes you more memorable and the interview becomes less like an interrogation.
  • Self-deprecating humor is a must in interviews: It communicates flexibility and a willingness to be wrong.
  • Don’t spend too much time on your answer: You want to navigate this question quickly because it is just a buffer question. Your interviewer is likely about to bombard with you 10 other product design interview questions that truly test your understanding.



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